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Welcome to the original ArtPeace website! Thanks for stopping by.

As you may know, the face and thrust of ArtPeace has now changed dramatically after a three-year merger process took place with Young Audiences of Rochester.

This is a LEGACY site now, to honor the history and authentic good works of the art of peace and peace through the arts that this little grassroots org engaged in for the past decade. During this time, real relationships were forged, young entrepreneurs were born, and meaningful programs were undertaken to make education more engaging, fun, and creative. Born at our dining room table, this family-oriented, "messy" adventure has taken many interesting twists and turns.

At ArtPeace, we worked as a team, collaborated with many talented artists and companies, raised $3.5 million, won many awards, and secured substantial contracts with partners such as RochesterWorks!, City of Rochester, New York State Council on the Arts, and the Rochester City School District. Genuine relationships were of top importance at ArtPeace, inclusivity was valued, and treating others with compassion and humanity were at our heart. There were many unique and innovative projects all with the goal of social change through arts, technology, and creative entrepreneurship.

The About ArtPeace section of this site will now provide history and philosophy. Programs will give an overview and results of ArtPeace programs. People will share a view of many of the wonderful humans we have had the pleasure to connect with over the years. There are some Gallery photos from the past and links to videos and arts products created at ArtPeace. There is also still a way to stay in touch and Contact us.

At ArtPeace, we have always believed that all things are possible if you do what you love and love what you do. Even though things have changed and we are moving onto other projects, we will carry ArtPeace in our hearts, rise up, and unfurl our wings into new possibilities. All things come together for GOOD when people align with their soul purpose in life, work hard, and stay in the light!

Thanks for your support of ArtPeace since we began in 2004! We could not have achieved all we did without you! Please stay in touch as we endure and shift. There are many exciting new endeavors being ignited. Stay tuned... Soon this website will direct you to a fresh, new face!

Kris Rapp 

Kristin A. Rapp, LMSW